Here are the best places to find plus size bikinis for big busts 2019 //

Last year I ended my search for the perfect plus size bikini feeling… less than thrilled. Dejected might be a good word, because even plus size clothing brands don’t often offer swimwear made to fit those of us with larger busts

Even at a size 22 I was only able to pull together three possible options that would fit and support my 42H chest. And after trying them all on, I wasn’t particularly in love with any of them.

So this year I decided to try again.

Long story short, after hours of scrolling and searching I ended up ordering two bikinis to try, and by the grace of who-or-whatever-you-please I absolutely loved one of them. 

I’m far too exhausted to take pictures (sorry), but in celebration of finding this magical unicorn bikini I decided to go back and update my 2018 plus size bikini recommendations for you. 

So if you’re in the market for a plus size bikini that will fit your big bust, you’re in the right place, my friend!

But first, a word about shopping with smaller-fat privilege…

This year I was shopping for a size 24, 44H bikini, and I think it’s important to point out that I still shop with privilege.

I’m able to shop at mainstream plus size clothing stores, and bras and bikini tops come in my size. Even if my options are pretty limited, my existence isn’t completely denied.

I’m able to afford the fat tax clothing manufacturers demand for high quality clothing. And my mid-fat size and white skin mean I’m protected from at least some of the harassment others face.

With that in mind, this year I expanded my plus size bikini search to bring in more accessible options. This year’s list includes brands who carry plus size bikinis in larger sizes, at about half (or less) the cost of the bigger retailers. I haven’t had a chance to try any of these yet, but will definitely update my reviews here when I do!

Of course, there’s always a trade-off in plus size fashion, isn’t there? In this case, extended sizing and cheaper prices mean an underwire is no longer an option. So you might be wondering…

Should Your Plus Size Bikini Have an Underwire?

We’re taught from a very young age that breasts should be contained at (nearly) all times, especially if those breasts happen to be large and droopy. Breasts are like unruly children, after all.

(I don’t even do a very good job of containing my actual unruly child. So there’s that.)

Of course, there’s no legitimate reason for why you have to have an underwire. Your body doesn’t exist to please the gaze of others, even in public spaces. And there are many legitimate reasons to choose swimwear without an underwire.

So here are some things to keep in mind when considering what you want.


  • Provides more support.
  • May be easier to find something that fits.
  • Can get freaking expensive.
  • Very limited sizing, even with plus size specialty brands.
  • Might be uncomfortable for some.

No Underwire

  • Can find larger sizes.
  • More affordable.
  • Some people can’t, or just don’t want to wear an underwire.
  • Boutique and solo-entrepreneur brands may mean a longer wait for your new suit, and stricter return policies.
Here are the best places to find plus size bikinis for big busts 2019 //

And now on to the plus size bikinis for large busts!

Here are the best places to find plus size bikinis for big busts 2019 //
Here are the best places to find plus size bikinis for big busts 2019 - Cacique by Lane Bryant //

Plus Size Bikini Favorite: Cacique by Lane Bryant

The Cacique by Lane Bryant swimwear collection always offers a nice variety of different swimsuits, including bikini tops with built-in bras and coordinating swim bottoms in four different styles.

The collection has a wide variety of bikini and tankini tops in both bra-size underwire styles and dress-size no-wire styles. And there’s always a lot of colors and prints to choose from, increasing the chance that you’ll find something you like.

New for 2019: Convertible straps (finally!!).

Pictured: Smocked Swim Longline Bikini Top (similar top for 2019) & High Waisted Drawstring Swim Brief (similar bottom for 2019)

Sizing: 0 – 28, 32A – 46H

  • Tops and bottoms are ordered individually, so you can customize your suit any way you want.
  • Underwire tops are sized exactly like Cacique bras. This is awesome if you like how Cacique bras fit.
  • Warning: These can be a 
     hard to get in and out of. 
    There’s a hidden bra band that’s easy to get all tangled up, and can be hard to fasten.
Cost: $55-90 for a top + $45-55 for a bottom = $100-145 for both (Lane Bryant has frequent sales, though, and you can often get these for 20-50% off)
Here are the best places to find plus size bikinis for big busts 2019 - Elomi Swimwear //

Most Comfortable Plus Size Tankini: Elomi

Elomi organizes their swimwear into smaller collections by print. Each print collection contains a variety of mix-and-match styles, including bra-sized bikinis, tankinis, and one-piece suits.

Most of the tankinis are designed to be worn with a swim bra/bikini top underneath. This is super comfortable (for me, at least) because it feels exactly like wearing a bra and tank-top.

You don’t have to wear a swim bra, though, and some of the suits are made to be worn without.

Pictured: Wild Thing Gathered Tankini (similar tankini for 2019) & Essentials Underwire Swim Bra (similar bikini top for 2019).

Sizing: 16 – 26, 34DD – 44L 

  • All pieces are ordered individually, so you can mix and match any way you want.
  • Exact sizes available vary between patterns. Check out all of Elomi’s Swim Collections to see what sizes are available.
  • The bikini tops fit exactly like Elomi bras.
Cost: $60-80 for a swim bra/bikini top + $45-70 for a bottom + $90-100 for a tankini top = $195-250 for both (Depending on the style you choose you may need 2 or 3 pieces. Discounts may be available through some stockists.)

Where to Buy: Elomi sells swimwear through a large network of stockists, rather than from their own website. 
  • HerRoom seems to have most of the 2019 styles and sizes, and offers free shipping on orders of $70 or more.
  • Amazon has some current styles, plus some discontinued styles.
  •  And you can always use Elomi’s Store Locator to find nearby stores and other online shops that carry their products.
Here are the best places to find plus size bikinis for big busts 2019 - Torrid Swimwear //

Go-To Plus Size Bikini Bottoms: Torrid

The Torrid underwire swimwear collection is made up of one style of top (standard longline bikini) that comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and at least four different styles of bottoms in matching prints.

The Mix & Match page lets you flip through all the available options (both underwire and non-underwire styles) to create a top and bottom combination you love.

The sizing on Torrid’s swim tops is limited, and doesn’t work for me, but I still love the fit and style of their bottoms.

Pictured: Black Skater Swim Skirt (2019)

New for 2019: This year Torrid rolled out one of the most confusing “extended size” systems I’ve ever seen. And they still don’t cover my size. So… points for trying, I guess? 

Previously, all of Torrid’s larger-sized swimwear was designed to fit a C-DD cup size. Now they offer select suits in three different cup sizes: Small (B-D), Regular (C-DD), and Full (D-F).

I haven’t tried this new system, but I can tell you two things: (1) It’s not very easy to figure out what suits come in what cup sizes, and (2) I have a really hard time believing that the same bikini top could adequately fit people with cup sizes ranging from D to F.

Sizing: 10 – 30, 32B – 58F

  • Tops and bottoms are ordered individually, so you can customize your suit any way you want.
  • You can explore the Swim Fit Guide for some information on finding your size, but you’ll have to click through to the Size and Fit Guide on a swimsuit’s product page to get the actual size chart.
Cost: $70-80 for a top + $45-55 for a bottom = $115-135 for both (Torrid has frequent sales, though, and you can often get these for 20-40% off)
Here are the best places to find plus size bikinis for big busts 2019 - GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All //

Plus Size Fashion Icon: Gabifresh x Swimsuits For All

Swimsuits For All has a small collection of plus size bikinis with bra sizing, including the GabiFresh Collection from plus size blogger and designer Gabi Gregg. 

The GabiFresh collection always includes fun, bright colors, and the straps are usually convertible, so they can be crossed in the back for more support (or removed completely).

The collection is built mostly around a combined cup size system, but there are usually one or two styles without an underwire as well.

Pictured: Rollercoaster Orange Underwire Bikini (available in Rollercoaster Black for 2019).

New for 2019: Slightly extended sizing (from a max size of 22 last year, to 28 now). I’m pretty sure they’ve been expanding things a bit every year, so it would be really nice to see that trend continue!

Sizing: 10 – 28, 32D/DD – 46G/H

  • While you have to order both top and bottom together, you get to choose individual sizes.
  • The combined cup sizes mean your size might not work on your body. When I tried it in 2018, the G/H cup size just didn’t give me enough support since the underwire didn’t rest against my breastbone like it should. The suit looked 
     in the photos, but the lack of support would definitely bother me.
  • Other brands with similar bikinis on Swimsuits for All only offer sizes 10 – 24, 36DD – 46G.
Cost: around $140 (but Swimsuits For All is always having some sort of sale, so you can often get these for $70-80)
Here are the best places to find plus size bikinis for big busts 2019 - Curvy Kate Swimwear //

Largest Bikini Cup Size Found: Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate offers a swimwear collection full of bikinis, tankinis, and one-piece suits that fit exactly like their bras. Although the sizing for their bikini bottoms leaves a lot to be desired, they still get some points for having cup sizes up to a US O (oh!).

Big warning, though… these bikini tops are NOT designed with fat bodies in mind. The thinner straps and back-bands don’t lay as nicely as plus size brands, and that may or may not bother you. After a couple of wears I decided it did bother me.

Pictured: Maya Red Print Balcony Bikini Top (2019)

Sizing: 4 – 16, 30D – 44O

  • Tops and bottoms are ordered individually, so you can customize your suit any way you want.
  • The bikini tops fit exactly like Curvy Kate bras.
  • The sizing on Curvy Kate’s bikini bottoms sucks.
Cost: $60-75 for a top + $30-46 for a bottom = $90-121 for both (Curvy Kate does have sales sometimes, though I’m not sure how often. Watch their website and you should be able to score 30-50% off.)
Here are the best places to find plus size bikinis for big busts 2019 - Smart Glamour customizable swimwear //

Best Plus Size Bikini Size Range + Customization: Smart Glamour

Smart Glamour is a one-woman show, and everything she makes is fully customizable. This sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to try it!

Customization does mean the turnaround time is longer (about 21 days), and she doesn’t offer refunds. However, the website does say she’ll do everything she can to make sure your fit is perfect, including exchanges.

Sizing: XXS – 15X … up to an 88″ chest and 90″ hip

Cost: $35-40 for a top + $30-35 for a bottom = $65-75 for both
Here are the best places to find plus size bikinis for big busts 2019 - Sanctuarie Swimwear //

Best Plus Size Bikini Price + Return Policy: Sanctuarie

Sanctuarie only offers one style of bikini right now, but the 2 Piece Halter Swimsuit definitely looks like it would be worth trying. It doesn’t have an underwire, but the halter style lets you adjust the fit and provides a bit more support for large breasts.

And you can’t beat the forever return policy.

Sizing: 0X – 8X … up to an 85″ chest and 80″ hip

Cost: $60
Here are the best places to find plus size bikinis for big busts 2019 - Plush Cat Style plus size string bikinis //

Plus Size String Bikini: Plush Cat Style

And for those of you who really aren’t afraid to show some skin, make sure you check out Plush Cat Style’s String Bikini Sets, which come in solid color and contrast color string variations!

Sizing: 1X – 6X, up to F/G cup

Cost: $70

Whew! I know finding good swimwear that fits is frustrating, anxiety-inducing, and down-right breakdown-worthy. So hopefully this list makes things a little easier, and you’re able to find something you like somewhere in these eight plus size bikini brands.

If you think I’ve missed something, or know of any other brands I should check out, please drop them in the comments. I’m always looking for those hidden gems!

And let me know how it goes if you decide to try any of the ones (or already have)!

P.S. Not sure you’re really ready to rock a bikini yet? Go take my free quiz to discover your hidden Body Confidence Superpower, and start building more confidence today!

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