What would the world look like if we took a step back and accepted that each individual is capable of varying amounts of contribution to the world, without ranking ourselves by those amounts?

If we accepted that productivity doesn’t necessarily mean importance?

If we taught our children that they could do anything … but also that anything they do is significant?

What if we stopped judging ourselves by an impossible mommy standard? We imagine that other moms manage to meet that standard when most likely they don’t. But even if they do…

What if we lived in a world where it didn’t matter?

What if we lived in a world without mommy guilt?

In a world without mommy guilt {OneHappyDisaster.com}

This is My Day … Without the Mommy Guilt

Today I showered, played with my daughter, and sat up to read a book. That’s all I had the energy to do.

I’m exhausted by the end of the day, and my knees protest painfully as I stretch myself out on the couch. I accept a bowl of dinner from my partner and laugh when my child materializes with her own spoon. Mommy’s food always tastes better. She snuggles into my lap and insists on feeding me herself, jabbing her spoon toward my mouth when I’m already chewing.

After dinner, she demands “I want outside! You coming?” When I tell her I can’t tonight I feel a pang of regret, but she smiles and bounces away to ask her daddy. After they leave the house, I lean my head back against the couch cushion and let my body and brain relax in the sudden stillness and silence. I drink it in.

A while later they come back, and I’m presented with a fistful of weeds Little Bit picked just for me. I exclaim over them, delighted that she thought about me while she was gone.

After her bath, she snuggles up against me while she drinks her milk. We read books and recite nursery rhymes and sing songs. And when it’s time for bed I lay beside her, tucking her potato blanket around her. I close my eyes and listen as she continues to chat and sing. I don’t know when she finally falls asleep because I almost always drift off first.

And I do drift off, peacefully, without guilt for the things I didn’t do today because the things I did do were significant in their own right.

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