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I’ve been doing my damndest to ignore all the gigantic holiday displays going up in the stores over the last month, because dang, people, it’s not even November yet. But now it is November, and suddenly I feel like I’m running behind.

The winter holiday season is upon us! And I’ll be honest: this is one of those seasons where I become super aware of my fatness.

I mean, come on… there’s rich, warming comfort food and sweets everywhere (that we’re not supposed to eat). There are parties and family get-togethers that for some reason seem to require more than my usual lounge pants and t-shirt (and the ever-present battle to find clothes that look and feel good on my body). 

And there’s the fact that any added stress makes me 1000% more susceptible to the proddings of my internalized fatphobia. Because we all know the holidays are super low-key, zero-stress affair, right? Riiiiiiight.

In the past, this is the time of year when my weight loss intentions would switch from “I can do this!” to “There’s always next year.” 

Or, even worse, I would decide that I wasn’t going to let the holidays get the better of me. I would continue to fight my weight loss battle, measuring out exact portions of my food so I could accurately track the points or carbs or whatever it was I was counting at the moment. And I would painstakingly calculate how many minutes of cardio I needed to complete in order to “earn” my pumpkin pie with extra whip cream, or I would forgo the whip entirely to save some calories (and minutes on the elliptical).

It was exhausting, and didn’t make for a very enjoyable holiday season.

I’m pretty tired of feeling like I can’t fully enjoy the holidays because of my size, and I’ll bet you are, too!

So this year I’m focused on ways to stay body positive through the holidays, and I’m inviting you along for the ride!

Introducing: a new blog series, just in time for the holidays…


Starting next week, I’m releasing one blog post each week that will help you look and feel great… without ever losing a pound. 

Each blog post will walk you through one part of the system I’m using this year to stay body positive through the holidays, and will include a super-awesome-and-FREE resource to help you apply that week’s lesson!

By the end of this Body Positive Holiday Guide series, you'll know how to...

  • Take care of yourself, even when you’re crazy busy.
  • Let go of food guilt and enjoy your holidays treats.
  • Build body confidence when diet culture is everywhere.
  • Manage fat shaming, especially when it comes from your friends and family.
  • Stay present, have fun, and truly enjoy the holiday season!

Ready to get started?

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Together we can get through this holiday season without completely losing our minds – or our body positive cool. So make sure you sign up to get the updates (and freebies!), and I’ll see you again soon!

How to Look & Feel Great for the Holidays | Body Positive Holiday Guide |

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