Best Mother's Day Gift for Introverts {}

It’s the perfect image of Mother’s Day… You’re bounced awake by those little humans who call you Mom, and presented with a tray filled with a beautiful, healthy breakfast spread. You laugh at the adorably burnt toast, which your youngest proudly points out as their handy work. Or maybe they take you out for a fancy Mother’s Day brunch, surrounded by other happy, loving families. Either way, your family has planned a full day of together time, and it makes you feel so special!


Best Mother's Day Gift for Introverts {}

Best Mother's Day Gift for Introverts {}

I’m convinced that this image, as with most things parenting, was invented, refined, and perpetuated by a bunch of extroverts.

I say that like it’s a dirty word, and it’s absolutely not. You see, extroverts are just people who get their energy from social interaction, so a day like this probably sounds like a blast. But introverts recharge by spending time alone. So let me tell you what I – an extreme introvert – see when presented with this kind of day.

I see social interaction from the moment I wake up… to the moment I fall asleep. I see chattering kids, and the intense amount of energy it can take to respond for the hundredth time in a day through body language and words. I feel the weight of responsibility for these little humans, who are absolutely impossible to control, while we’re out in public, combined with the weight of judgment from other more well-behaved families.

In short, I feel exhausted.

On this day that’s supposed to be all about me, I see one more day that’s all about what I can give to others. I see one more day that’s built not around my actual wants and needs, but around this social image of what I should want and need: time with my family.

And don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my family! And there are days when that’s all I really want to do. But the chances of that coinciding with this one specific day are pretty slim. As an introvert I need time alone to recharge, and as a mom I’m rarely (if ever?)  alone long enough to get back to 100%.

So what I’d really like this Mother’s Day, is to be left alone.

I’d like to wake up to a silent, empty house. Maybe the Medic left me Boston Cream donuts and a mini bottle of champagne to add to my orange juice. And fancy cappuccino-making k-cups for my morning coffee. But the really important part is that it’s quiet, and I am blissfully alone.

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Late in the morning maybe I head out for a massage. I lay on the table with the lights dimmed and the soothing instrumental music cradling my ears while skilled hands ease the tension out of my muscles. Or I just lay on my acupressure mat at home. The important part is that no one says more than absolutely necessary. My environment is low-stimulation and calming.

I spend the rest of my day reading and napping, and by dinner time I want to see my family again. I feel recharged, and actually have the energy to appreciate the Mother’s Day craft my kiddo labored over, the conversation, and the delicious food.

I have the energy to enjoy my family again, and that would make for the perfect Mother’s Day.

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Best Mother's Day Gift for Introverts {}

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